Monday, November 10, 2008

Kerala Krash!!

This weekend we went to Kerala to visit my family before leaving to go back to the States..just to see everyone and have some fun. Well we left early Saturday morning, got to the airport by about 5am for our 6am flight (which means we were up by 3am too) which because of fog only left at the airport by 9am..yep we sat on the plane on the runway for about 3 hours. We finally reached the Cochin airport in Kerala by about 10am and with our family driver headed for a 2 hour roadtrip to my Uncle's house. About 40 minutes into the drive with crashed very forcefully into another car who had stopped suddenly to avoid a pot hole in the road (urhhgggg)! We were all shaken up and scared but praise God we were all okay, except for a few bumps and bruises. In India if you get in an accident the police doesn't arrive quickly, it's the local people who are standing around who help and tell people what to do. So after talking to my Uncle and telling him what happend we were whisked off in an auto-rickshaw to a local hospital, where we were checked out. Joseph hit his ear on the back of the seat (what a trooper ...he was totally fine even though the top half of his ear is black and blue. Matthew was totally fine, since he was in my arms (yep we didn't use the car seats...I know ..I know ...that was a dumb idea) People don't use them here and since we were travelling for just 2 days we thought it would be ok to not bring them. But we were wrong...our safetly lead lives in the States are not followed here..unfortunatley. But I believe that God was really showing us that the carseats are important and that we should not take them for granted. I know that I won't, now!!!
Although it's sooo easy here to forget them when we don't have our own car and the cars here are much smaller than ours back home. I have a few bruises too and Isaac hit his knees on the back of the seat but thankfully we are all okay. The driving here is rules, no lanes.
But after finally calling another car and getting to my Uncles house, we did have a great weekend.
We leave this Saturday.. to come back home....can't wait.
Keep praying for our travels.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 days to go..where did the time go!!

I can't believe that in 10 days I will be sleeping in my bed, with my comfy pillow and comfy sheets, and comfy blanket (our bed here is very uncomfortable).
10 more days until Joseph gets to go to the bunkbed house (as he calls it)! He's very excited. Matthew will be wondering where we are but will hopefully gets used to his surroundings quickly. I can't wait for him to sleep in his crib again...although we have to lower it a lot since his stand up and when we left he wasn't even rolling over yet. I can't believe how much he has changed since we left from not rolling over yet to now walking.
I can't wait to see and friends....have thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, have Matthew's b-day with everyone back home, have Christmas with all the family, have New Years at Matt and Vash's (can't wait to see you Vash), see our neighbour Agnes and see her face when she sees how much Matthew and Joseph have changed. Spend time with Micheal Burns and the Belcastros,(Bethany and Brittany you need to tell me when you'll be home so we can hang out..and go shopping!!!!) and see all our friends and family. I miss all of you!!!
I am not looking forward to packing but as it looks now we will be coming back to India...yes you read correctly..We are coming back!!! ( for maybe a year) We will probably come back in Feb sometime after Joseph's 4th b-day. So we will have a lot of work to do when we come back, renting our place and packing up all our stuff.
Please continue to pray for our remaining time here and our trip back home...back home ..sounds so good to hear!! Although the only possible way that we can peacefully come back here is because of the wonderful people God has put in our lives thank you for praying for our time here ...He has answered all of your prayers, by keeping each one of us safe!

Farm Living

I am a horrible blogger...a few weekends ago we spent the weekend at a wonderful little farm with some friends of ours.
We started out early Saturday morning and arrived at the farm to be served a wonderful south indian breakfast. The house was beautiful and not a typical farmhouse...we had a cook who seemed to feed us more than we could eat. They had a great swimming pool, which Joseph and Matthew loved. Our friends were great company, they have 3 boys so ofcourse Joseph had a great time. Ofcourse with a total of 5 little boys in the house it was loud and there were a few disagreements (between the boys that is)...but they learned to work some of them out and the ones they didn't we have to intervene. BOYS!!!
The farm had dogs, chickens, tukey, roosters, sheep, a cow (that I got to milk...not all it's cracked up to be...I kind of felt like I had violated the!!)
Well the whole farm idea came from Isaac always talking about living on a farm. So when I came across the ad in a Bangalore travel guide, I thought it was a perfect trial for us....although if farm living is really, great food cooked and served, swimming and chilln' by the pool, leisurly walks, feeding the animals (since someone else takes care of them), picking fresh tropical fruit from the trees ...then I think I would do just fine living on a farm!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well we have a new little walker in the family..yep little Matthew started walking yesterday. Most kids take their first step but Matthew made his first 10 steps!! It was so cute! He walked 10 steps in a circle before he plopped down. He is just amazing all of us. He will be 10 months on the 14th so walking before 10 months..although his big brother beat him since Joseph walked at 8 months, running at like 9 and climbing at probably 10 months...he is an active one..and Matthew is following in big bros footsteps.
After church today we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, it was amazing and we stuffed ourselves, we were all so full, we came home and slept for a few hours...we miss american food i think we're going to be pigging out when we come back home.
We're doing well this week, Isaac's schedule has been a little hectic and will hopefully get better soon.
Keep praying for us...and all my boys!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Matthew getting so BIG!

Well it's been a long time since I've updated all of you on all the things we've been doing. It's been a little over a month since we've been in the new apartment. Things are going well. We have managed to keep ourselves busy and have things scheduled almost everyday..which is great for me and the boys. Matthew is growing up so fast. I am just so amazed at how his face changes when he sees his big brother..all smiles!! He is going to start walking any day now, today he moved his right foot while standing in the middle of the room but just could not get that left foot to follow and plopped back down on his little diaper cushion behind. He wants everything we have food, or Joseph's toys but especially food even if he's just had his baby food. No milk allergy is going to stop him from enjoying his food. Although I think it's been harder for me to stop the dairy..I miss chocolate..especially when in those snacking moods. I would love start weaning him but I'm going to wait until we get back home to the U S of A! I miss it sooo much. We have been talking more about coming back here after a few months back home but I just don't know how to make a decision like that...I keep going back and forth. Things are just so much more easier at home. I made some mexican food for dinner the other night and had to make my own taco seasoning...never done that before and had to make tortillas from scratch ..never thought I would ever have to do that...I must say it was pretty good and Isaac really enjoyed it too. It makes me feel sooo good when he likes what I cook ..makes me feel like I'm being a good wife if I can feed his belly with with mexican food since he absolutely loves it. I think I'm going to learn a lot about cooking while being here. Infact I learned how to use a pressure cooker the other day. They used to scare me but they are so easy and not scary at all!! Not to mention a time saver!! If you have never used on I say give it a try.
Keep praying for us and for a decision on if we should come back to stay here for some time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally in our new apartment

We are finally in our new apartment. We are somewhat settled in but still have so much more to do. The great thing about our flat(apartment) is they have most all services (internet, cable, dry cleaning, ironing..etc) within the apartment complex itself but of course no one told us that until I happened to ask another tenant, about a week after moving in. So as with everything here things take there own sweet time. So the first week in the new flat was ok, they have a playground which Joseph enjoys but he absolutely loves the pool. They have a salon in the clubhouse which is great too. Life is busy, there is always something that has to be done or fixed or cleaned. I do have someone to do the cleaning and cooking, which so far has been nice and we seem to be lucky in finding good people to help us.
My family (mom, dad, brother & sister (in-law) are coming to visit tomorrow ... and I am so excited!! They will be here for just a few days and then we will all go to Kerala to visit all the family. I haven't seen many of them for almost 9 years so it will be nice to see them and for them to meet Isaac and the boys.
Things I miss, carpet, a normal washer and dryer (we hang our clothes out to dry). I miss my friends .... it's amazing how a good group of close friends makes such a difference. I have met a few people here and we did find a very nice church. We really like it and the people are amazing.
I signed Joseph up for a tumbling class at a place called Jelly beans, he was so excited and I think he's going to have a great time. I am still looking for a school for him to attend they are all on waiting list or not taking new students until January. The term for schools here start in June unlike us where we end in June.
What else can I say about Bangalore and our life here ..well it's very different ...some good ..mostly just takes some getting used to.
The kids amaze me everyday.... so no matter where we are I am so glad that we are all together. Matthew is sitting up so well and has learned to pull himself up to stand in his playpen. Joseph is having full conversations now and has a amazing imagination ... what a big boy!!
We are all doing well least this week!!
Just keep on praying for us.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Week Three in Bangalore

So we are almost at the end of our third week here in Bangalore. Last week we went on a safari and saw lions, tigers, white tigers and bears...and of course Joseph's favorite the monkeys. We also went to the zoo and saw so many different types of birds and snakes...we of course saw elephants and Joseph even got a kiss from one. It was a lot of fun!
Still no apartment but we are negotiating with a few owners.We are all just ready to move so that Joseph can have some space to run around. We did go to a park today and he played well with some other children there. Matthew and I have a cold but it's not too bad and seem to be getting over it quickly. I am really starting to miss home, thankfully my family will be here soon... 3 more weeks!! I still can't imagine living here until November and then having to come back for a year or two. I was hoping to like it much more than I am right now. I am hoping that when we move we will get a routine for the kids and us and be able to enjoy our time here much more.
Joseph is having fun, as always but he's driving me crazy..he has been getting away with a lot more than usual. But that's to be expected since living in a hotel doesn't allow him to have a lot of more TV and cookies. But we go out everyday which he really enjoys and watching him grow up into his own little man with of course his own opinions is fun..sometimes!!
Keep praying for us and that everything will work out for an apartment.