Monday, November 10, 2008

Kerala Krash!!

This weekend we went to Kerala to visit my family before leaving to go back to the States..just to see everyone and have some fun. Well we left early Saturday morning, got to the airport by about 5am for our 6am flight (which means we were up by 3am too) which because of fog only left at the airport by 9am..yep we sat on the plane on the runway for about 3 hours. We finally reached the Cochin airport in Kerala by about 10am and with our family driver headed for a 2 hour roadtrip to my Uncle's house. About 40 minutes into the drive with crashed very forcefully into another car who had stopped suddenly to avoid a pot hole in the road (urhhgggg)! We were all shaken up and scared but praise God we were all okay, except for a few bumps and bruises. In India if you get in an accident the police doesn't arrive quickly, it's the local people who are standing around who help and tell people what to do. So after talking to my Uncle and telling him what happend we were whisked off in an auto-rickshaw to a local hospital, where we were checked out. Joseph hit his ear on the back of the seat (what a trooper ...he was totally fine even though the top half of his ear is black and blue. Matthew was totally fine, since he was in my arms (yep we didn't use the car seats...I know ..I know ...that was a dumb idea) People don't use them here and since we were travelling for just 2 days we thought it would be ok to not bring them. But we were wrong...our safetly lead lives in the States are not followed here..unfortunatley. But I believe that God was really showing us that the carseats are important and that we should not take them for granted. I know that I won't, now!!!
Although it's sooo easy here to forget them when we don't have our own car and the cars here are much smaller than ours back home. I have a few bruises too and Isaac hit his knees on the back of the seat but thankfully we are all okay. The driving here is rules, no lanes.
But after finally calling another car and getting to my Uncles house, we did have a great weekend.
We leave this Saturday.. to come back home....can't wait.
Keep praying for our travels.

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